Jesus prays for each of us: Pope Francis

Celebrating morning Mass on 20 April, Thursday, Pope Francis turned his thoughts to the many people suffering because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In many places, one of the effects of this pandemic is that many families find themselves in need, and they are hungry,” Pope Francis said. He made these remarks prior to beginning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta on Thursday morning. He continued, noting that unfortunately unscrupulous money-lenders are profiting from this situation.

“This is another pandemic, another virus: It’s a social pandemic,” he said.

Many families who are not working and do not have food to put on the table for their children, the Pope continued, are prey to usurers who end up taking the little that they have.

“Let us pray,” the Pope said, “for these families, for their dignity, and let us pray also for the usurers: that the Lord might touch their hearts and convert them.

Then, during his homily the Pope reflected on the liturgical readings of the day (Acts 5:27-33).